June 4, 2023

Zoomlion Manager, Joseph Siaw Agyepong Shares His Success Story

Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyapong who is the Executive Chairman for the Jospong Group of Companies has shared his grass to grace story of how Zoomlion was formed and has become a huge success today.

According to him, before the idea for waste management came to him, he was operating a printing business that was not giving him the returns he required.

As a result of this, a worried Joseph Siaw Agyapong said, he went to Begoro in the Eastern Region where he went to pray and ask for God’s favour upon his life where he had a dream.

He said he travelled to China after the encounter with the Lord and saw that tricycles were used to collect refuse and he was inspired to buy one to start his waste management business with.

After using the tricycle for sometime, he raised money to buy three more and that begun the success story of Zoomlion Ghana Limited.

“It was at that moment that I resolved to go to Begoro and seek the face of the Lord and there I had a dream. I later travelled to China and saw tricycles collecting refuse. I then purchased one and later 300 then I acquired four plots of land at the Group’s current location which is our headquarters.

In all our understanding of doing things, God has a way in it. Looking at the life span of this business which has footprints in all 260 districts across the country shows that it was made possible by only God”, he testified.

Dr. Siaw Agyapong made this known when he spoke at the 2021 Annual Thanksgiving Service of the Jospong Group of Companies.