June 4, 2023

You Have Stepped On The Lion Tail For Beating My Child To Death’- Father Tells Teacher

An embittered Ghanaian father has narrated how a teacher beats his son to death for stepping on his table during exams, he took a live video from the mortuary to narrate everything his son told him before he passed on sadly.

According to him, the road to his son’s premature Departure began when they were asked to stop work during the examination.

While everyone was struggling in the parked classroom to submit their Answer sheet, his son was able to man-over a shortcut for himself by stepping on the classroom desks in a desperate attempt to hand over his papers and visit the urinal.

The teacher after realizing his son’s mistake took a reckless action by bringing out a well-soaked cane to lash the boy at his back.

The beating was too severe for the child to take and passed away at home right beside his father.

Watch the video below;