July 4, 2022

Woman In Prostitution Cries Bitterly Over How She Suffers To Take Care Of Her Children [VIDEO]

A 32-year-old Nigerian lady has explained how the two fathers of her children abandoned her with the children leaving them to their fate and how the kids had to drop out of school because she could not afford their school fees.

The returnee who had traveled outside the country to seek greener pastures also confessed to have continued with roadside prostitution which she said she does whenever she is broke and cannot feed her children.

In an interview with Damilare Okunola in his recent episode of ‘My Migration Story’, on Legit TV, the lady known as Esohe Akonedo a Libya returnee revealed that she sells sachet water to take care of herself and her kids since she had no support from anywhere after her return.

Esohe noted that she gave birth to her children before traveling to Libya in 2018 and her move was hinged on the fact that she needed money to fend for her children as the father of her kids abandoned them

Watch the video below;