July 1, 2022

“We Have Decided To Marry One Man”- Belinda And Linda, An Identical Twins

Identical twins, Belinda and Linda have stated that they will end up marrying the same man and when one falls in love with a man, the other twin also starts falling for him.

In an interview with Vibes in 5, Belinda and Linda said they do and share everything together since they were kids and according to them, doing and sharing the same things makes them happy.

The said that they both want to be with one man who is God-fearing, humble, hardworking, matured, educated, handsome and very rich.  The added that the man who show interest in one should also show interest in the other, however, they don’t like a man who has too many friends.

They said they both attended the same primary school, JHS and Senior high school and they are currently working on a television show called L&B Show.

Watch the video below;