July 2, 2022

We Can Build A Better World Than What We’re Seeing”- Mr Kwesi Pratt

Renowned Ghanaian journalist and socio-political commentator, Kwesi Pratt Jr has stated that we can build a better world than what we currently seeing.

Kwesi Pratt said in an interview with KSM we can build a better world not as a dreamer but as somebody who appreciates practical reality  considering the resources Ghana for example is blessed with from cocoa, timber, manganese, oil, bauxite.

According to him, we are in a world in which the most influential and the most powerful are spending a tremendous amount of resources preparing for war when people can’t get portable water to drink.

He cited Cuba as an example who has only a population of 11 million people yet they have one of the best medical healthcare systems and have developed education making it free for their citizens.

Watch the video below;