May 19, 2022

The Voice I Heard Was “Michael” You’re Welcome Home, When I Entered Into Swimming Pool’-Man Deported From USA

A Nigerian man who was living in the United States, has narrated how he ended up in the village after diving into the swimming pool in the US.

The man revealed that his mother had opposed his idea of marrying a woman he met in abroad and but recommended a lady in their village he wanted her to marry but he did not welcome the idea.

According to him, he didn’t welcome the idea as he made up his mind to proceed in marrying his fiancee without her (his mother) consent. He, therefore, disclosed that on a fateful day, he went swimming with his fiancee, entered the pool but on rising up, he saw himself in his village and he believes his mum used ‘juju’ to bring him back to the village as he was eventually deported.

Narrating the scary experience, he wrote:

“I’m from Osun State. My mum has never wanted my progress and happiness. I tried as much as I can to give her whatever she asked. I travelled out and I’ve been in US for 6 years. I called my mum to introduce the lady I want to marry, but she didn’t approve of her…”

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