June 4, 2023

‘Stop Killing Your Heroes’ – Sonnie Badu Reacts To Fake Degrees Accusations [VIDEO]

Ghanaian gospel singer and founder of the Rockhill International Chapel based in the US has clapped back at those who challenged and questioned the Genuity and authenticity of his three academic degrees.

Going on Facebook live to address a section of Ghanaian describing his degrees as certificates as fake, Pastor Sonnie Badu exclaimed that Ghanaians are killing their heroes and that is one of the reasons why he has does not want to live in Ghana.

Sonnie Badu was bashed after he announced that he bagged three degrees in a space of four months, and in his reaction, he described his critics as frogs and made it clear that lions don’t respond to frogs.

“Those doing this should be careful. I am actually working on my PhD in Theology as well. I am done with Philosophy, I am doing my Theology. I just don’t come out to tell the world this is what I am studying,” he said.

He also added that he “worked hard” to earn all the laurels he has today.

He also said:

 “When I started ministry, some of you were students in school– Senior High, Junior High, or whatever– but today the internet has given you the strength and voice to talk”.

“I don’t even know how old they are and the audacity they have to disrespect other people….it doesn’t move me, it doesn’t touch me because I know their mindset. That’s why I don’t live there, I know the mindset of my people.”

Watch the video below;