July 1, 2022


The King was hero in the ancient days, at Ananas Kingdom, and his name were Augustine Narh, living in the middle of the “Three Eye Of Rivers” and the three head of Mountains”.

In 1525 AD of his “Throne” after the defeats of the “Manafia Kingdom,” Augustine the King got married to two wives, in a single week, “Joana and Melborn, which both “Loves Him” as a King.

The king Augustine Narh died in the battle at the age of (55) fifty five years, one week after his wives gave “Birth” to him “Twins”, in a single day which is a good news to him as a King at his Age of (55) and it came to pass that; one of his twin brothers who will sleep with the two of their twin sisters, will be the one to inherit the throne and in the same way inherit his father’s kingdom, through the elderly consultation to their three god’s.

“Hatred and jealousy became part of the twin brothers, even to the sisters when they were growing up and sadly to their unnoticed an adventure of a brew wind took place and overwhelmed both to uncertainly when they were above to Sleeps with their sisters.

“These came to as the battle between the twins and the Ghost in the middle of the forest when they’re in their Age Of Thirties, and the challenges were so high in the “Doom” which both fought a good fight to classify his destiny.”

Written By Adu Pashhur

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