July 1, 2022

Sarkodie Is The Most Featured Artist Ghana Has Ever Produced Internationally, Over 22 Locally And Their Names

Today our focus on artist profile goes to Sarkodie the Ghana rap god-and why so?

It seems like a couples of days ago-some of the media houses and their co-bloggers were using their platform in a way of running down the hard work earning of Sarkodie and it’s music career down instead of promote him and his new ALBUM release No Pressure.

These act and attitudes of the Ghanaian media houses and their co-counterpart bloggers has go beyond in a way to boarders-which has attributed a popular Nigerian blogger to comment on it-in saying-Ghanaians do not respect what they have when it comes to Entertainment, but rather; bringing him down or running him down-according to the said blogger.

Perhaps, we can do better in advance than what we’re doing now in terms taking pen and paper and pendown or write bad things about our artist who has bring reputable name to Ghana through their creativities and we later turned to complain whenever they failed.

BESTCONCEPTMEDIA.COM has these in common and as our soul bond in entertainment and we do respect and we do appreciate the good work and hard earning of any artist in the entertainment industry, we’ve taking it into consideration and have dedicated this write up of acticles to Sarkodie, the Ghana finalists rap god; and our aim is to harness-highlight and champions his good work, and so far his contribution towards other artist in the music industry.

We have a lot to say about Sarkodie, but we’ve taking it one by one and today cure value is to highlight the artist Sarkodie has featured.

Our research shows that from the year 2’000 up to dates Sarkodie has featured over 22 Top Ghanaians artist since he start music as a career-without mentioned the foreign once.

And these are the names of the top 22 Ghanaians artist we have gathered so far which indicates that they have featured Sarkodie into their songs.

Local Artists

1: Daddy Lumba

2: Shata Wale

3: Appiatus

4: Kuami Eugene

5: Efya

6: Mzvee

7: Becca

8: Adina

9: Sista Afia

10: Herty Borngreat


11: Akwaboah Junior

12: Ofori Amponsah

13: Yaw Sarpong

14: Samini

15: Strongman

16: Kurlsongx

17: Kidi

18: Guru

19: Pappy Kojo

20: Captain Planet

21: Edem

22: Prince Of Buk Bak

International Artists

1: Wiskid


3: Rudebuoy


Bestconceptmedia say kudos to you for such wonderful works.

Written By Adupashh