July 1, 2022

“Report Any Husband Who Abuse Your Children”- Oheneyere Gifty Anti Urges Women

Veteran Ghanaian television presenter and news anchor, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has charged mothers and married women to report their abusive husbands to the Police.

In a lengthy write-up on her Facebook page, the feminist advised women not to stay with a husband who beats their children all in the name of keeping their marriage.

She urged women whose boyfriend has refused to marry them because of their children to let them go as she assured them that they will find a man who will cherish them.

She wrote;

By Oheneyere Gifty Anti – OGA
Good morning family!!
Today, I want us to have a conversation ladies!!
(A bit long, but please read).
As a married woman, I can never tell you marriage is not good! Never!! I am a woman of Faith and I can never condemn anything instituted by God.
But I can also tell you confidently and boldly, that marriage is not everything!! Marriage does not and should not define your self worth!!
In my many years of working with women, one of the things that breaks my heart is when women SACRIFICE THEIR CHILDREN and LOSE THEMSELVES IN THE NAME OF MARRIAGE!!
1. Listen my lady, if the man doesn’t want to marry you because you have children, let him go. You will find another man, if you want marriage.
Do not abandon or hide your child because the man doesn’t want a woman who has a child.
Have you ever heard the statement “love me love my dog”?. When it comes to marriage, it is “Love me, love my child or children.
2. Never ever protect a husband who abuses your child in the name of “keeping your marriage”. Never!! Whether the child is his biological, step, niece or whoever. Report him!!
Too many women keep quiet and do not report the abuse of their children or children under their care because they don’t want to ‘lose their marriage or relationship’.
Marriage? And most of the time, that marriage is even nothing to write home about. Report him!! Save that child. Get justice for her or him and get help for that child.
And sometimes they will say “I don’t want to be a single mother”. What?
Is being a single mother a disease, a sin or a curse?
What does ‘single mother’ even mean? Is it because the person is not married? Or because she has to single handedly cater for her children or child?
Do you know the number of married women, who single handedly take care of their children?
Please I beg you, stop making excuses or making yourself ‘pitiful’ because you are ‘single mother’.
It is enough ladies!! Take back your power and your self worth!! Take control of your life.
Married or single, single mother or whatever!!
Your power and self worth, is that you are a human being!! You are a woman and you are alive!!
Ladies, rise and move and stop begging to be accepted or be respected as a woman!!
Rescue yourself and rescue your child or children!!
Do what you know is right and God never go shame us.
God dey, we dey!”