May 19, 2022

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Cookies


We respect the privacy of our visitors of and ensure that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. Processing of personal data takes place in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. With the following statement we want to make clear how we are committed to the security and reliability of our website, and clarify how we use the personal data of our customers.


We may ask for this information and therefore collect it from you whenever you visit our website


We may ask you to provide your details to help us identified you in our service with your customer satisfaction or experience when ordering or registering on our website.


We collect your information when you enter our site. That is all…


Your Security and personal information stand-firm.(SPI)


Sometimes, we may be asking for your personal information, such as name, email address, or credit card number-depending on your request and moreover, our service to you as we are mean to ‘Business.

And these help us serve you better as an individual, company or an Organisation”s. But in due respect: we don’t and denied to share your integrity which is security information to any third-party.



We Use ‘Cookies’

Yes, We use Cookies, and they help us to remember and capture your browsing with certain information such as shopping-cart and website traffic. More-on-the-tables,Cookies gives us more understanding and save users preference for future moves and visit.


Third-Party Services

Additionally to your concerns, we may service third-party products including their advertisement on our website; but be notice and bear in mind that, these third-party sites have their independence and do have their own privacy policy. In this regard, we, therefore, have no authority, responsibility, or liability for any content they promote with us, and on the other hand, they provide to you with their service’s site. But we welcome any feedback about these site services to notify them. Email Contact@+2330551065590/+2330277153553


Google And Advertising

  • Google advertising can be seen and could be served and will be serviced to you on our website which is
    Always through the Domains Names, articles, News, Politics, Entertainment,Jokes, Motivation, Fashion,
    Sports, Lifestyle&Designs, Food&Nutrition, Audios, Video’s and a lot we provide to you, but Google as a great platform play and place positive experience for users based on their AdWords Policy.
    Furthermore, we use Google Adsense on our website, and Google as a third-party used Cookies to serve ads on our site and they do have a Content Network Privacy Policy.



Our users can set their wishes or goals on how they enjoy our services or how Google Ads-advertising to them by visiting their Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out Platform, or by using the Google Analytics Opt-Out Brower Add-on. Hopefully, we privilege do not Trade our service and do not Entertain children below our belt which is 13Years of age.


By using this website, which is, you agree to our Cookies. We use cookies to provide you with a great deal of experience and to help our website run smoothly and effectively. Serve You Better… And our Motto:#Dial For More…Always Testified Our Integrity.