May 19, 2022

Pastor Slams Church Members For Contributing Only $200 in Offertory On Sunday Service

A pastor yet to be identified heavily descended on his congregation during a church service over the amount of money they gave as offering.

The pastor was disappointed that the money gathered after the collection amounted to only $200 dollars and lost his cool while delivering a sermon in a church service.

He questioned them if God has not blessed them enough for them to give something worthy of God’s blessings.

“Go and do the research, go and do your research…two weeks ago, the collection was 200 and something dollars on a Sunday morning…we should be ashamed of ourselves, we should be ashamed of ourselves. 200 and something dollars at a Sunday morning mass collection.”, he fumed

“Are you telling me that the Lord has not blessed you?”, he further asked.

Watch the video below;