May 25, 2022

No Oil, Medicine Or Cream Can Grow Manhood, It Is A Scam’- Nigerian Doctor Claims

Popular Nigerian doctor cum influencer, Dr
Olufumilayo has taken to social media to trash claims that there are medicine, oil, and creams that can make manhood bigger.

He has indicated that a man’s genital stops growing when he turns 21 and no medication has been scientifically proven to increase the size of manhood.

According to the medical practitioner, all the products aiming to increase manhood are scam adding that it grows naturally

In his words, “There is NO scientifically proven evidence ANY cream or medication can satisfactorily increase penis significantly. Or even increase it at all. It’s ALL a scam. And a fraud. The men in their posters are already heavily endowed models whose penis grew NATURALLY. And that’s it.

“Some men think repeated masturbation or certain sex positions like doggystyle will enlarge/lengthen the penis. My brother, don’t die before your time. What you have right now is ALL you will have. Spend your energy on using it properly, rather than waste money on buying lies”.