July 4, 2022

My Pregnancy To Jay Bahd Was A Prophecy, So I Decided Not To Abort Him -Rapper, Jay Bahd’s Mother Says

Mother of sensational Ghanaian rapper, Jay Bahd has shared some unknown facts about Jay Bahd regarding his birth.

Mama Demon as she calls herself revealed that she got pregnant and gave birth to Jay Bahd at the age of 17 in Ash Town after being romantically involved with her boyfriend whilst in school.

She disclosed that her family did not accept her pregnancy and wanted her to abort her baby who has now become a star in today’s generation because she refused to abort the baby.

According to her, she attended an all-night church service and a pastor prophesied to her about her baby and told her that her unborn baby will become a star in future and warned her not abort the baby else they will both die.

Watch the video below;