June 4, 2023

My Aunt Traded Me To A Chinese Man To Rape Me At The Age Of 13- Gladys Vanderpuye, CEO Of Van Ventures Says

Ghanaian businesswoman and CEO of Van Ventures, and Director for Panel of Women Movement For Development, Gladys Vanderpuye has shared her horrible childhood experiences in the hands of her mother’s sister.

Gladys Vanderpuye who appeared on ‘Obramu Suahunu’ show hosted by Maame Colours on rTV revealed that her virginity was broken by a rapist when she was only 13 years old whilst she was living with her aunt in Togo.

In her narration, Madam Gladys Vanderpuye revealed that her wicked aunt sent her to a Chinese man to deliver food to him and whilst she was with him,, the Chinese man offered her a drink and unknowingly to her, the Chinese man had drugged the drink and after she drunk juice, she woke up and realized that she was raped.

According to her, she could not report to anyone because she was primitive, young and afraid of being beaten by people for false accusations but her aunt knew about.

She furthered that her mother after knowing what had happened to her fought with her aunt but she told her mum to leave her sister because the incident had already happened and because she was not pregnant she let it go.

Watch the video below;