July 1, 2022

Man Jailed To 2 Years In Prison For Impregnating His Own Disabled 17 Year-Old Daughter

A man has been sentenced to 2 years in jail for defiling his 17-year-old disabled daughter.

According to a correspondent of Angel FM, the 17-year-old girl is a class 2 pupil in a primary school in a village called Koti ye Aboa and the father of the girl called Moses Agbavator is 31-year-old.

After Moses had pleaded guilty of incest in an Ofankor District court, the Judge known as Samuel Adjei slapped him with a sentence of two years in jail and the reason was because he is the father of the teenager and had to return after two years to take care of the girl.

The correspondent revealed that the father of the teenage girl has separated from the mother of the child and was under the custody of the father.

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