July 2, 2022

Learn To Invest Your Money, You Won’t Reign Forever – Kumchacha To All Musicians

Voice out preacher, Pastor Kumchacha has opened up clearly in advice to all musicians to learn in all manner to invest their money when they were on top of the game of Entertainment music business, rather than to invest their money on ‘Beautiful slim Queens’ on the streets; because time and season wait for no Man, and in quote; as the adage goes.

“Kumchacha” the controversial English language Speaker made this known to public and the musicians where he was speaking on Adom FM with Jerry Justice, Entertainment Show program.

According to him-he Kumchacha said that, some musicians spend a lot of their money on Unnecessary things, and even go beyond their needs or what they don’t have in hands; whenever they’re on top of the game, not knowing tomorrow is another headlines day and have a story to tell to generation.

In his conclusion, Kumchacha continue said that, “Today could be your bless day,but tomorrow your fellow once,” and set himself as an example that; he could tour all the TV and Radio station within a period of time and make a name, but tomorrow will come nobody will remind him as one who once have a name.

Finally to his words, Kumchacha, the radio and television preacher, Kum entertainment pundits warn the top and up coming musicians to learn to invest their money in good way,so they won’t regret and depend on others whenever they’re no more in the Entertainment industry.

Written by Adupashh