July 4, 2022

James Town Bullion Van Robber Identified: Police On Manhunt For Him [PHOTO]

According to Ghana Report, one of the suspects involved in the murder of a Police officer who was escorting a bullion van driver to convey millions of Ghana cedis to a location in James Town has been identified.

The report revealed that an arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of one Hakam, also called Devil and sources revealed that Hakam is one of armed robbers who shot and killed Constable Emmanuel Osei.

Police retrieved at least 17 shells from the scene after the gun-totting criminals fled with their booty stolen from the MON TRAN vehicle.

Hakam was picked out after painstaking investigations and analyses of videos that captured the criminal operation on Monday, June 14.

He is fair in complexion and has a tattoo on the right hand that stretches from his shoulder to his forearm.

Another tattoo is embedded on his chest as photos show him in a white singlet and a pair of tattered jeans.

The suspect is seen seated on a couch with a bottle of expensive liquor, Hennesy, in one hand and a stick of cigarette in the other as he appeared in a larger than life pose.

See his photo below;