July 2, 2022

‘I’m Tired’- Funny Face Saved By Military Men After Attempting Suicide For The 7th Time

Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has cried out in a trending video of how he is currently battling depression for the seventh time in his life despite coming back from rehab.

Last night, the father of twins was seen ranting in the middle of a highway in Kumasi in a video he shared on social media and called on his fans to pray for him.

He captioned the video: “AY3KA depression has finally finished me. GYE NYAME. I don’t think I can survive dis one .. 7th depression.. hmmm”.
#FunnyFans @funnyfansofficial pls pls pray for me .. dis is too painful .. Aaoo everybody is getting a woman .. yaw Boateng.. go take woman Aaah .. you go take cobra … thinking she would love you? Hmmm, dis time revelations Are too much !!! Ryt Infront of ur eyes .. YAW BOATENG choose live and live ooo yooo”.

However in a new video, Funny Face has been spotted with two military military officers and according to him, they came to his rescue after his suicidal attempt. “They saw me walking by the roadside after I dodged death yesterday, I have had depression again,” the actor said in the video.

In the video below, the actor who was speaking with tears said: “I am tired, I am tired, herhh” with the military officers consoling him that “chale e go bee”. The officers later decided to offer Funny Face, who was walking by the roadside, a lift.

Watch the video below;