July 2, 2022

“I Was Sh0cked And Surprised When They Said I Chopped 8 Million Ghana Cedis John Mahama Gave Me For Campaign- Kwame Dzokoto

Ghanaian actor, presenter and voice-over-artist, Kwame Dzokoto has opened up on his affiliation to the National Democratic Party, (NDC) and his friendship with former president, John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking to Kofi Adomah in an interview, Kwame Dzokoto was asked about the most painful lie someone or people had peddled against him in public since going into politics and in his response, he revealed that it was when some people said he had collected GHC 8million from John Mahama and used it for his personal use.

According to him, he was shocked and surprised to hear rumors that claimed he squandered money he was supposed to use for campaign but that was not the case as he used his own money to finance his campaign during the elections

Watch the video below;