May 24, 2022

“God will Punish Church Members who Prosper but Refuse to Take Care of their pastor” – Bishop Agyin Asare

The founder and leader of Perez Chapel, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare stated that “God will judge church members who are doing well and are not taking care of their pastors adequately”.

Delivering a sermon during a church service about the ‘Reward of the Man of God’ on Sunday, 21 March 2021 at the headquarters in Dzorwulu, Bishop Agyin Asare said that church members must reward their pastor according to the material blessings bestowed on them as a 

According to Bishop Agyinasare, some church members, “started attending church when they had one car or house but now, they have multiple cars and houses. It is not too much to say, ‘My prophet, this is yours’.”

The change, Bishop Agyinasare noted, “must affect his salary, home, clothing, and children’s education. Sowing financial seeds in the life of your man of God prepares you for your harvest”.


“If you don’t communicate material things into the life of your man of God you are deceiving yourself and mocking God”, he pointed out.