July 1, 2022

Give Me Your Gift”-E.O.G.H Asks Late Musician Kofi B Statue At Cemetery

A young man identified as EOGH has come under fire on social media after he filmed himself disrespecting the statue of late Highlife musician, Kofi B.

In the video, the young guy could be seen at the cemetery and heard saying he comes from the same town as the late musician and since he is no more, he should transfer all the knowledge he had in music to him.

The young man, known as E.O, was seen hitting the statue of the late musician.

Kofi B Jnr condemned the action of the young guy saying, “It’s improper to ridicule the sculpture of the late highlife legend, Kofi B.”

“I’m saddened by the action of this young boy slapping and ridiculing my brother for no reason, this act must be condemned by all. It will be in his own interest to apologise for his action before he faces the consequence,” he said.

Watch the video below;