March 26, 2023

Ghanaians Don’t Like Paying Taxes So The Introduction Of The E-Levy Is A Great Idea – Gospel Musician, Cwesi Oteng

Ghanaian gospel artist, Cwesi Oteng, has thrown his support behind the controversial E-levy tax which has thrown the country into a state of despair.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Cwesi Oteng, who is a staunch supporter of the Akufo-Addo administration, said he feels happy anytime taxes are deducted from his MoMo knowing that he was contributing towards Ghana’s development.

He insisted that Ghanaians need to accept the E-levy since it will inure to the good of the nation. Cwesi Oteng also bashed and encouraged all to pay their taxes and not see the E-levy as a scheme to dupe Ghanaians of their hard-earned monies.

“In our country, people don’t like paying taxes.”
If they deduct money from my MOMO transactions, it makes me happy because I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.”
“If money doesn’t leave, how does the money come to you, so I feel like I’m contributing something to the country that has nothing to do with politics,” “development is expensive,” and it comes at a cost that citizens of any country should be willing to pay.”
“It is a source of revenue for the government.”