July 4, 2022

Ghana Lose It’s Reputation Internationally Due To Recent Crime – Security Expert Says

Ghanaian security and international relations expert, Irbard Ibrahim has thrown light into the robbery incident that led to the death of a police officer and an eyewitness.

On Monday, June 14, some armed robbers attacked a bullion car that was transporting huge sums of money from one location to another and in the attack, the robbers who were on a motor bike shot the police officer to death and also opened fire on the driver leaving him with severe injuries.

The robbers took away all the monies in the bullion van allegedly amounting to 12bilion Ghana cedis.

Reacting to this incident, Irbard Ibrahim exclaimed that the timing is very bad for Ghana’s international reputation as he pointed to the fact that Ghana was appointed to the UN security council just last week.

According to him, Ghana can pump a lot of money into security but if society does not change, all efforts by government to minimize crime will be futile.

Irbard revealed that some big men could be part of the syndicate who knew some influential people in the bank feeding him with details about the movement of the bullion van and resourcing the men with guns to execute the operation therefore fighting crime is a collective effort.

Watch the video below;