July 1, 2022

Church Of England “Witness” Suicide Of Accused Priest Who Couldn’t Hold His Faith

The Church of England has expressed “deep regret and sorrow” over a mishandled inquiry into a priest who took his own life after he was falsely accused of child abuse.

The deceased priest known as Father Alan Griffin, 78, who died last November, spent a year under scrutiny without ever hearing the claims and couldn’t hold his faith.

A coroner previously said the claims were “supported by no complainant, no witness and no accuser”.

“We take responsibility for what went wrong,” the Church said.

“We acknowledge that there were either poor processes or systems, or mistakes, that led to unreasonable pressures on Fr Alan,” the Diocese of London and Lambeth Palace said in a submission to the coroner.

It added a new head of safeguarding “with 30 years policing experience” had been installed at the start of the month.