July 2, 2022

Brother Kills His Brother In Broad Daylight In Bush With Gunshot At Sekyere Near Effiduasi

News reaching Bestconceptmedia.com reveals that a man killed his brother in broad daylight at the bush with gunshot at Sekyere near Effiduasi in Ashanti Region.

The sad incident occurred on Thursday, 18th of May 2021 and the story confirms that, the two unidentified brothers who are both from the same parents went into the bush in search of bush meat while the incident of murder took place.

The source revealed that on the day in which the two brothers went into the bush were a traditional custom day which Against anybody will to go into the bush in search of bush meat, while the two brothers breach the traditional customs and went ahead into the bush while this incident happened.

Narrating his side of the story to the public and the police, which is the junior brother alive confirm that, on their way to the bush, two mens, without their notice and identity came in into their side on their way to bush in request of the gun he was holding, while his dead senior brother came in asking of him to give it to them; after he denied their identity of requesting the gun.

As the story confirm, the brother alive said that, without his notice he heard a gunshot from nowhere and killed his senior brother.
Before Bestconceptmedia made this write-up the man in suspect is under Police Custody Sekyere Effiduasi police station for further investigation.

Written by Adupashh