July 4, 2022

Brazilian Rapper, MC Kevin Dies After Falling From 5th Floor Of Hotel While Trying To Escape After Cheating On His Wife

Popular Brazilian rapper, MC Kevin has reportedly died after falling from the fifth floor of a hotel balcony whilst trying to escape from his wife on suspicions of being caught by her for cheating.

It is alleged that MC Kevin was having a threesome with some ladies and at the knock at his door, he thought it was his wife so he tried to flee from the scene but unfortunately, a miscalculated attempt to escape led to his death.

During the session, someone knocked on the door. Kevin believing it is his wife, tried to flee. So he tried to jump off the balcony to another balcony. He was unsuccessful in his attempt as he could not reach the other balcony and fell five stories to his death.

Reports suggest that the knock on the door was not his wife but another friend who want to join in the action.

The Rapper and his wife stayed in Rio de Janeiro for a performance at the club Mansão Imperado. His wife, Deolane Bezerra, accompanied him at his last show at a local event known as Baile do Imperador in the early hours of 16th May. Unfortunately, he decided to cheat on his wife not too long after they got married

. Together with his friend Victor Elias Fontenelle, they met and arranged a threesome with model Bianca Domingues. According to Globo, The two invited the model back to their room, where the trio began to have sex.