July 1, 2022

All Stars Are Fake, “Only Jesus” Is Star’- Kumawood Actor, Samuel Ofori

Popular Kumawood actor, director and movie producer, Samuel Ofori has revealed who the real star is in the world.

Samuel Ofori said in a video that he has come to the realization that all those we think and call them stars from Ghana’s entertainment industry, to Bollywood, Hollywood, and so forth are not stars.

According to him, the only star in the world is Jesus and advised all those who are looking for role models to follow should make Jesus their role model.

He espoused that Jesus is the only man who is bigger than any other person and is a miracle worker who can’t fall sick and will never disappoint anyone who make Jesus his or her star. He declared all those people who claim to be stars on social media as fake stars.

To watch the video click HERE